Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – London – Cadogan Hall

(Fidelio ov – Cavalleria Rusticana int. – Grieg: piano conc. – Dvorak: Symphony 7)

  “..Fidelio..It received a very assured and accomplished performance from Fabrizi and the RPO..”      .”Fabrizi showed good judgement in his choice of tempi as the music moved from the initial call to arms to the slower, more reflective sections of the overture..”                                                                                        “..Fabrizi did an excellent job bringing out the yearning quality of the music.  He seemed to have much more of an instinctive and intuitive feel for this music and I loved the way it opened up and one became caught up in the grand romantic sweep of the piece..”                                                                                     “..Fabrizi and the RPO captured the dark passions of the opening movement well..”                                “..Fabrizi managed to coax some gorgeous colours from the RPO in this movement and the whole thing flowed in a natural and instinctive way.  The scherzo is based on the Czech furiant and I liked the lilt and sway which Fabrizi brought to the music while the trio section was playful and charming..”


                                                                                                                                                                    Robert Beattie